Sustainability - ESG, Sustainability, CSR - Because it's important!

ESG, diversity, environmental protection or CSR: these terms relating to sustainability are highly important. No wonder, because climate change has reached a point where it is not only damaging the environment, but also the economy and society. It is high time to act! That's why we at iq digital media marketing gmbh are already constantly driving forward the sustainability transformation. In doing so, we are optimizing our ecological footprint, ensuring transparency on all topics relating to corporate social responsibility and actively promoting sustainability in the workplace. Find out more about the fulfillment of ESG criteria at iq digital here and on the subpages of the section (Sustainability > Environment / Sustainability / Governance).

Sustainability means responsibility.
We want to tackle things instead of just talking about them.

It is our corporate responsibility not only to talk about the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals, but also to actively work towards their compliance and implementation. CSR holds us accountable and we provide answers that can be measured against the ESG criteria (Environment, Social, Governance). In this context, we document our sustainability management, environmental management system and Dataleaks emergency concept, our climate protection strategy, discrimination guidelines, Business Ethics UN Global Compact and much more.

At iq digital, we see climate and environmental protection and sustainability in general as a long-term process. Our aspiration? We want to become an ecologically better company step by step. In doing so, we bear double responsibility - for ourselves and our customers and partners - and are happy to accept it.

iq digital as a responsible employer


iq digital sees itself as a responsible employer and is committed to its employees in many areas. For example, we enable mobile working, support with job tickets and provide a job bike. At the same time, we offer various health services such as consultation hours and psychological support. We have a high proportion of fixed-term contracts and also offer various further training measures to support our employees. You will soon find out more in our paper "iq digital as a responsible employer".

Discover sustainable customer campaigns

We not only create a basis for sustainable campaign playout with our products such as EcoAd, but also skillfully place our customers' sustainability messages in our portfolio.