3D Audio: How to make your advertising messages a pure listening experience

The term 3D has already established itself years ago in movie theaters, now it has finally gained a foothold in audio advertising since 2022 and set a new trend: 3D Audio*.

With the help of 3D audio technology, both speech and sound can be transmitted not only from left and right, but also create a perception that the listener is approached from all directions. The resulting spatial impression means that the listeners are right in the middle of the action and can experience your advertising message intensively!

*3D audio is also known as "360 degree audio" or "immersive audio" in the market.

Kopfhörer weiß

Audio sample: Put your headphones on and deep dive into the new dimension

We create a new ad experience in podcasts with our new 3D audio technology:

3D audio at a glance

Must-Haves Headphones or sound system

In order to be able to immerse yourself in the listening experience, only stereo headphones or an appropriate sound system are required.

Specifications Spot production

There are hardly any limits to creativity when it comes to high-quality spot production. Design your personal advertising experience together with us, we offer the necessary know-how.

2D BackUp Guarantuee

If the 3D spot cannot be delivered (e.g. because the listener’s device is not 3D-capable), the spot will still be played in 2D. In this way, we ensure that your message always reaches the listener.

Topic example: Automotive

Electromobility is the key to climate-friendly mobility worldwide. The operation of electric vehicles generates significantly less CO2, especially in connection with regeneratively generated electricity - but that's not all! Driving an electric car is also calmer and more dynamic at the same time and gives the driver a feeling of lightness.

With the help of 3D audio technology, we can experience that lightness and calm in contrast to the fast-moving, noisy environment on the streets.

Kopfhörer weiß

Audio sample: Leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind...

...in your new e-car. Enjoy the electric, almost silent driving with the help of our 3D technology. Put your headphones on and experience up close!

Topic example: Dating

Tired of kissing the wrong frogs? And you don't give a damn about the prince on the white horse either? When it comes to dating, our 3D technology is also perfect for bringing the various phases of dating to life in all their facets. From the first letter to the first date, right in the middle of the action thanks to 3D audio.

Kopfhörer weiß

Audio sample: Search and find the perfect date...

...with the dating app 'Singleout' (fictional). From the first contact to the first date, be up close and personal with the help of our 3D technology. Put on your headphones and experience it up close!

Would you like to learn more about 3D audio and your advertising opportunities?

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