Podcast booking options

We at iq digital are happy to accompany you step by step:

A podcast booking consists of several steps, where we are happy to advise and support you in choosing the right solution for your brand and your corresponding message.

Here with us you will find the right communication stage for your campaign, let's get started!

Choosing the right podcast

Which podcast you choose depends on many factors: the brand fit, the message, the target group and so much more. 

However, all podcasts have one thing in common: a very high-quality journalistic production. 

Discover the entire portfolio here!

Choice of placement

Have you found the right podcast? Then select the appropriate position in the respective podcast now.

Booking options

Not only the choice of the right podcast and the right position in the podcast is decisive, but also the decision whether you book a podcast exclusively or as a CPM volume booking. We will be happy to create an individual offer for you and find the right one for your campaign goal.

Are you looking for further information or offers?


All further relevant information regarding our scope of services and corresponding offers can be found in the following documents, which are available for download. If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.