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If you think content is a buzzword, maybe you just haven't understood it yet. Because content doesn't mean marketing, it means: I have something to say! We love sustainable communication and offer all the strengths for this from a single source: conceptual creativity, high-quality production and the most important environments in the country.

Our message to you out there: we are the brandstudio, we give brands personality - unmistakable and measurable. So let's get started!

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Courage for innovation

Sustainability in the digital Nespresso showroom

Best Cases

Best case Nespresso

In 2020, the brand and product communication for the customer had to be rethought. The focus is on the communication of the new machines for B2C and B2B as well as education about Nespresso's sustainability strategy.

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Best Case HP

Flexible working models on the rise: Personal tips from experts for more productivity, a healthy work-life balance and more personal interaction in the remote office.

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Best case Netflix

Netflix has filmed "Munich - In the Face of War", the novel of the same name by Robert Harris about the beginning of the Second World War. A film trailer and a nail-biting story are available to promote the historical thriller.

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Live Cases

News & Insights

Products Content Marketing

Our solutions for your individual success: Content-based communication convinces users and is the ideal way to position your brand. You can see how we make this possible in our product presentation.

Event Leading Podcast

A great event is behind us: iq digital guidance dialogue - Leading Podcast! You can now find all the exciting content on our packed YouTube playlist.

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Inspiration Paper Lifestyle Paper

Creative content solutions and our portfolio as the perfect lifestyle environment - with high affinities to trend fashion, brands or digital streaming, lifestyle brands find relevant target groups in the portfolio and lifestyle channel.

Event Hero stories at CMCX

The iqd Brandstudio was represented at this year's CMCX in Cologne with a speaker slot and workshop. Find out what the team told us there about brands as real everyday heroes here.


All other relevant information regarding our scope of services and corresponding offers can be found in the following documents, which are available for download. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have specific questions.

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