Advertising in real time

Take advantage of all the benefits of Programmatic Advertising and reach your target group in real time on Germany's most trusted inventory (GPRA Trust Index). Whether access to the entire inventory or topic-specific channels with full transparency, we offer the right connection to our high-quality portfolio for your campaign goals.

Are you not only interested in the right environment, but also looking for the right segment for your target group? Contact us and benefit from our customised targeting options. With competent advice and using market-leading technologies, we lead your programmatic campaigns to success.

Buyers Guide

With its unique premium inventory, iq digital offers the ideal environment for demanding clients and campaigns. Thanks to the connection with full transparency (transfer of the complete URL), you can either use the reach of the entire portfolio or choose between individual pages. The main focus is on General News, Business & Finance and Health. 


Deal Models

Equal prioritisation Private Auction

A uniform floor price and equal prioritisation to IO applies. This deal model is recommended for all campaigns due to the high flexibility and price advantages in the auction process.

Higher prioritisation Preferred Deals

An inventory forecast takes place. Prioritisation is higher than with private auctions. There are fixed CPMs and customer-specific conditions. The deal model is recommended for campaigns whose success requires a high degree of planning certainty with regard to delivery, conditions and user address.

Forecast and reservation Programmatic guaranteed

An inventory forecast and a reservation of the inventory takes place at fixed TCs or customer-specific conditions. This deal model is recommended for a secured purchase of high-demand inventories and user segments in defined time periods.

Targeting Options

via socio-demographics, interests & affinity

Basic Targeting

via socio-demographics, interests & affinity

e.g. C-level decision makers & financial decision makers

B2B Targeting

e.g. C-level decision makers & financial decision makers

e.g. from the segment Entertainment, with focus Movie

Keyword/ Contextual

e.g. from the segment Entertainment, with focus Movie

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All other relevant information on our scope of services and the corresponding offers can be found in the following documents, which are available for download. Should you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.