Diversity is worth a lot. Because it is important!

For us, Pride Month is not only in June. Women don't just work for us because of a quota. We are not only against discrimination and intolerance of any kind when it is the media trend. With conviction, we are pro-diversity every day. Because it is important. We accept everyone, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, religious views, ethnic and social origin, and we do not accept intolerance.

That is why we have embedded non-negotiable core values in our mission statement. The values of respect, appreciation, community and equality give us orientation - internally and externally and form our foundation. Anyone who does not treat others humanely, socially and with respect cannot be part of our community.

"The Charta der Vielfalt promotes

the recognition, appreciation and integration of diversity in business culture.

When organisations make use of their employees’ diversity,

they boost their success and are attractive employers." 

(source: https://www.charta-der-vielfalt.de/en/)


As iq digital, we are a convinced member of the Diversity Charter and stand for diversity in the working world!