Innovation is our drive,
quality is our attitude.
To connect people, media and brands.
With messages that are worth it.
Because it matters.

Every day we actively fill our mission statement with life

The mission statement creates the framework for our cooperation. But it is only through daily cooperation and interaction with each other that it is filled with life. Our values must be actively lived by us - at all levels.

Each and every individual must question him or herself as to whether he or she can identify with the goals and orientation and is willing to become part of our whole.

Only together as a team we can go this way.

We see iq digital as a team that stands for innovation and quality. We want to connect people, media and brands to deliver messages that are worthwhile. Each and every one of us contributes to creating the foundation for free journalism and preserving this valuable asset. Because it is important to us.

Our values


We have non-negotiable core values.

The values of respect, appreciation, community and equality give us orientation - internally and externally and form our foundation. Building on this, we live the values of courage, responsibility, openness and imagination individually and with our counterparts.

We accept all people regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, religious views and ethnic and social origin and do not accept intolerance.

Those who do not treat others humanely, socially and with respect cannot be part of our community.


What do our values mean exactly?



We are not afraid of mistakes and opinions, we make decisions and look forward to ways no one knows.


We earn trust and build on it, we manage projects and think entrepreneurially.


We live an open cooperation, meet each other with a YES and promote mutual motivation.


We are ready to think differently. Because we have and give the freedom for development and change.


We respect each other and stand for fair dealings with each other: It is about the way you say something.


We see the performance of each individual and encourage constructive feedback.


We are a team, pull together and always stand up for each other.


We accept everyone in their individuality and tolerate neither intolerance nor discrimination.