As part of our commitment to diversity, we attach great importance to inclusion. More information on this can be found here in the diversity section.

Training Development

With our e-learning platform Masterplan, we offer employees the opportunity to continue their education by themselves and at any time - personally, as a team and as an organization. It includes high-quality courses from leading experts on various topics such as digitalization, sustainability, AI, but also soft skills, tools and much more.

Serious playground
The Serious Playground is an internal learning day in Düsseldorf with lots of exciting sessions and opportunities to exchange ideas. From AI tips and moderation basics to practical knowledge about Microsoft Teams, there are always exciting topics to offer. 
In the GROW Academy, all employees can find all of the Handelsblatt Media Group's further training courses and have the opportunity to sign up for workshops or training courses or simply start immediately on Masterplan. All offers are available free of charge.
The Push Tomorrow Mentoring Program will also enter the next round in 2024. An experienced professional (mentor) supports a talented person (mentee). Tandems are formed for the programme, each consisting of a mentor and a mentee, who are in a self-organized 1:1 exchange with each other on a monthly basis. The monthly tandem meetings are accompanied by selected impulses and workshops, the topics of which the mentees can help to shape.
Various leadership programs and additional topics are also part of the Serious Playground.


Occupational safety training
Together with Masterplan, training courses on the topic of occupational safety instruction are mandatory for us. All employees, including temporary staff, working students and interns, must complete the modules.

Fire safety assistants & first aiders
The fat in the pan suddenly starts to burn? The bicycle battery has set fire to the cellar while charging? An accident has happened? If the worst comes to the worst, we all want well-trained first aiders who might even save our lives - not only at work, but also at home or in our free time. Here, too, we live up to our claim and have hired and trained first aiders and fire safety assistants.


pme Family Service
Through our cooperation with pme Familienservice, we offer employees a comprehensive information and service portal. The service is available to all permanent employees. The family service advises on childcare issues and helps employees to find the right form of childcare for their own child and arranges suitable childcare solutions. Whether it's finding a kindergarten place, a childminder, an au pair or arranging short-term emergency care. Psychosocial support can also be arranged if required.


Daycare "MedienMäuse" ("Media mice")

In our company-owned care nest called "MedienMäuse" in Düsseldorf, nine children under the age of 3 are cared for by pedagogical specialists and recognized day carers in the rooms built for this purpose in the building. The provider is the association "Kinder Kinder Beruf und Familie e.V.", which operates over ten facilities in Düsseldorf. The opening hours are tailored to the needs of working parents (until 18:00), with 42 hours of childcare per week. The parental contribution depends on income and is subsidized by the Handelsblatt Media Group.

Mobile working & Co.

iq digital offers its employees flexible working hours and also enables mobile working. Of course, we also have part-time employees. Thanks to job sharing, we even offer individual management positions on a part-time basis. Our aim is to respond as flexibly as possible to the needs of our employees in order to create a good work-life balance.