Climate Action

Energy efficiency
Our head office building "La Tete" in Toulouser Allee in Düsseldorf is DGNB Gold certified and has been powered by green electricity - mainly from hydropower - since 2020. In addition, the entire building is equipped with LED lamps with motion detectors and daylight control on all floors. iq digital is also part of the "HMG Data Clean Up Day". Here, we not only reduce CO2 emissions by cleaning up and deleting unnecessary digital content, but also increase the performance of our devices. A simple step to reduce the digital footprint and make a positive contribution to environmental protection.

iq digital employees have the opportunity to work in a hybrid environment. Only two office days are mandatory for the majority of the team. To make the commute to work as environmentally friendly as possible, we provide a subsidized public transport ticket and offer the option of a company bike. By participating in Düsseldorf's city cycling scheme, we also increase our employees' motivation to cycle as many kilometers as possible as part of iq's "city cycling" team. We also use plug-in hybrids and full-electric cars in our fleet and always have our travel policy in mind. Charging stations for electric cars are also located in the underground car park at La Tete, and a bicycle repair station. We will also be conducting a mobility survey and revising our travel policy with a focus on environmental sustainability.

Resource management
Further information will follow soon, as we are currently working on sustainable solutions and will then answer this point.

We offer employees the opportunity to choose vegan and vegetarian dishes every day in our canteen on the first floor. The canteens operator works predominantly with regional suppliers. Most of the food is even certified organic.

Products, sphere & campaigns

ecoAd by iq digital
We have developed the so-called ecoAd by iq digital. The ecoAD is an extremely lightweight advertising medium with a low data weight that is produced by us. All ecoAD advertising media are hosted exclusively on servers that obtain 100% of their electricity from renewable energy sources. The ecoAD does not contain any tracking scripts, which makes the advertising material even lighter.


Sustainable client campaigns
Sustainability has been one of the focus topics in content marketing for several years now - and will remain so in 2024. We have already implemented countless campaigns on the important topic of sustainability with well-known clients such as Schneider Electric, Nespresso and SAP. Digital targeting on the topic of sustainability is also possible.

Quality sphere
Responsible journalism is ethical reporting without manipulation and bias. It includes true and fair news that has a positive impact on current issues. Responsible journalists and media professionals gather information, verify it and present it in a way that is not hurtful or disrespectful. This is what our media brands stand for and offer the corresponding quality environment.

Waste & Water

Saving resources
To save resources and avoid misprints, for example, we have introduced the "Follow me Print" process. While we already rely on digital files for 80 to 90 % of our documents, the "DocuSign" tool helps us to fully digitize approvals, work processes and signatures.

Waste sorting at HMG
Central waste collection stations, for example in the kitchens, help us to simplify waste separation and recycle appropriately. The paper towel dispensers in the toilets were already replaced in 2021, which immediately led to significantly lower paper consumption. At the same time, the switch to ecological toilet paper was implemented. Disposable cups were completely banned from the coffee bar and kitchens successfully.


For us, Pride Month is not just in June. Women don't just work for us because of a quote. We're not simply against discrimination and intolerance of any kind when it's a media trend. We are firmly in favor of diversity every day. Because it's important. We accept everyone, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, religious views, ethnic and social background and do not accept intolerance.
That is why we have anchored non-negotiable core values in our mission statement. The values of respect, appreciation, community and equality give us orientation - both internally and externally - and form our foundation. More details on diversity can be found here in the appropriate section. All information for a diversity campaign in our environments can be found here in the appropriate concept.


Our employees have the opportunity to take advantage of a job bicycle, discounts and partnerships with various fitness studios via our employee portal. To show the outside world that our team is fit, we take part in the b2run and city cycling events every year. Exercise is just as important to us as healthy eating in our canteen (vegan & vegetarian dishes, certified organic ingredients, "Green Rosin", salad bar and much more).
We also offer medical and psychological consultations - including, for example, preventive eye examinations, flu vaccinations and much more. We also subsidize workplace glasses, among other things. In the area of mental health, we rely on Evermood, a digital platform that helps us as a company to provide our employees with simple and efficient support for all their concerns.

Further information will follow soon, as we are currently working on sustainable solutions and will then answer this point.

Social Engagement

Every team has the opportunity to take part in a Social Responsibility Day. For example, one department organized the summer party for a Düsseldorf kindergarten in cooperation with AWO in 2023. At the same time, we are always involved in various projects. For example, a large employee bazaar has already taken place: Colleagues from the publishing group donated a total of EUR 4,421.85 to support disadvantaged children, young people and their families. The management topped up the proceeds to 5,000 euros. The donation went to the "Bunte Kreis Duisburg". The non-profit association supports prematurely born, disabled, seriously and chronically ill children, young people and their families on their way from hospital to a well-organized life at home.
Just recently, employees got involved as "HMG gift sponsors" to give children at the Kastanienhof children's home a special surprise around Christmas. Certain campaign days have also been held in the past - for example, together with the DKMS on the topic of "Together against blood cancer".