Openness, respect and community

In light of the revelations about a meeting at which the millions of expulsions of citizens and refugees from Germany were openly discussed, hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets in recent weeks to set an example for freedom and diversity.

Including companies and associations.

Because we all know that: Openness to the world, respect and community are values that make Germany not only a country worth living in, but also an economically strong one. The German economy thrives on exports. Local companies span global networks and rely on the internationality of their workforce.

Populism, nationalist and right-wing extremist ideas are therefore not only damaging to democracy, but also to the economy. Whether top researchers, skilled workers or nurses - Germany needs people from all over the world who enjoy living and working here.

Our appeal is therefore: take a stand and join us in standing up for freedom, diversity and a welcoming culture. Become part of our campaign "#ZUSAMMENLAND - Vielfalt macht uns stark!" (#TOGETHERLAND - Diveristy makes us strong) in the country's largest quality media.

With the "#ZUSAMMENLAND - Vielfalt macht uns stark" campaign, our media brands and we are standing up for these values and a welcoming culture in Germany.

Together with Handelsblatt, WirtschaftsWoche, Süddeutsche Zeitung ZEIT ONLINE and Der Tagesspiegel, we have the opportunity to spread this message in the country's largest quality media, as they are jointly providing the equivalent of several million euros worth of print advertising.

We are proud to represent media brands that are committed to society and democracy. The publishers and media houses have offered companies to integrate their logo into the advertisement free of charge. The companies and organizations are in turn encouraged to donate to charitable projects or internal company campaigns.

A positive sign: around 500 companies have already taken part

Germany is not only a country worth living in, but also economically strong - and this is not least due to the diversity of our population. It is therefore all the more important that companies also take a stand and stand up for the well-being of the population and our democratic values 

We all contribute to ensuring that Germany remains an open and diverse country.

We do not charge a fee, we want to work with you to attract maximum attention and show that diversity enriches our country and makes it stronger.