Advertising in Quality Media with good reputation has provably higher impact

  • “Reputation Impact” - ad impact study: media brands of high repute have a positive effect on the impact of the advertising embedded in these brands
  • Uplift effects of up to 25 percent in the relevant ad impact KPIs such as attitude towards the ad, purchase intention and willingness to spend
  • Long-term KPIs such as brand knowledge and preferences or brand loyalty are also positively reinforced


The most important news first: advertising in the quality media marketed by iq digital and REPUBLIC has a provably higher impact. The good reputation of media brands has a significantly positive impact on relevant media KPIs. In order to determine the exact effect on success parameters in the competitive environment, iq digital and REPUBLIC called on the expertise of research consultants Schramm|Meitz & partners. An experimental study provided further scientific evidence for the considerable influence of the advertising environment on ad impact. The central finding of the study was that purchase intentions and the willingness to spend money on the advertised products are significantly boosted and that attitudes towards the featured advertising are also positively influenced. The comparison environments in the study were topical and current affairs magazines as well as news portals and neutral environments.

The most important insights at a glance:

The “Reputation Impact” study provided a broader scientific perspective on the effect on communication at the interface of media reputation, ad assessment and brand assessment. The study participants assessed various ad motifs in quality environments, selected comparison media and unbranded control environments. The results show a marked uplift from the quality media brands of REPUBLIC and iq digital:

Positive higher advertising engagement Advertising benefits from quality environments

Our independent advertising impact study shows that advertisements in quality environments have around 20 percent more positive impact in the engagement than comparison media in the study.

Higher purchase intentions Quality environments arouse interest

Products advertised in our premium portfolio generate +14% higher purchase intentions among users than comparison media in the study.

Greater willingness to spend Brands appear more valuable

With +42 (Index-value) higher willingness to spend on products, our premium portfolio is the ideal environment to position your brand and products.

Steffen Bax 


CEO at iq digital


“Media planning will once again increasingly be about environment planning, not least due to the discontinuation of cookies. This means that impact benefit will be a decisive factor in successful media planning. Brands that want to communicate with customers effectively in the long term will have to follow the path to an era of quality and meaningfulness, and – as the study shows – our environments make a key contribution in this respect”, says Steffen Bax.

“To what extent do journalism-driven environments of high repute influence ad impact? This was the starting point of the “Reputation Impact” study“, explains Ingo Müller, Managing Director of REPUBLIC. “Because the topic of editorial environments will become even more important for the advertising market in the coming years. Ads provably profit from the unique contact quality afforded by media with good reputations. And they do so across a broad range of both short and long-term ad impact indicators”, says Müller.

“Quality media help people to find their bearings so that they can access trustworthy information. This also benefits communication in these kinds of environments. The study investigated media brands in both digital and print formats. Advertising in quality environments awakens desires, boosts the willingness to buy products and drives brand recognition and image. From our point of view, the “Reputation Impact” study provides a key platform for the discussion of quality environments, and this is something that will continue to be part of our strategies and ideas in the coming years”, explains Jürgen Maukner, Managing Director of REPUBLIC.

The titles investigated in the study were the print media of Republic (F.A.Z. and SZ) and the online media of iq digital (FAZ.NET,,,, and zeit online). In the first step, the trustworthiness of the media was analysed and the suitability of the ad assessed in a pre-test. Then, in the second step, six ad motifs and their impact were tested in the environment in question.

Using six ad impact KPIs (3 directly effective KPIs on the attitude towards the ad, purchase intention, willingness to spend and 3 KPIs that measure longer-term effect on product involvement, brand awareness and associations, brand loyalty), the study showed that above all purchase intention and willingness to spend are far higher in a quality environment than in the comparison environments of the news magazines and news portals or in a neutral environment. The respondents assessed six sample ads in different environments.

We gladly provide further information regarding the study and can be downloaded via the link below. 


The detailed basis of the study, insights into the results and the press release can be downloaded here.

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