Courage to innovate: sustainability in the digital showroom


Nespresso restages digital brand experience on the topic of sustainability with iq digital and station3

Shops in the city centres are closed, car dealerships only offer a view through large window panes, trade fairs and events are not even taking place - the pandemic has made the brand and product experience partially impossible in recent months. For Nespresso and iq digital, this was reason enough to boldly explore new communication channels: The first digital Nespresso showroom offers a new shopping experience in the digital world. With iq digital and station3, Nespresso has found the right partners to implement such an innovative project.

Innovative showroom for new brand experience

The Nespresso brand, known for its exclusive stores, has recognised the sign of the times and commissioned iq digital to create a completely new customer experience in the digital space. "These are exactly the tasks we are passionate about in the iq digital team: Thinking completely new for bold customers and creating innovative product solutions that work," says Tim Rottländer, Director brandstudio. The result was a digital showroom concept for which the creative marketer immediately brought a partner on board. Together with the agency station3, the coffee experience was digitally recreated, rooms were staged, Nespresso machines were brought to life in 3D and the store feeling was transported into the digital world.

More space for sustainability

In addition to new products and a cup of coffee, many topics related to the brand can now be experienced. A special focus is on the topic of sustainability: for example, the brand shows the strong measures it has been taking for years to make coffee enjoyment more sustainable and to promote the recycling of aluminium capsules. By the end of 2022, Nespresso also wants to offer its coffee in a climate-neutral way. The topic of sustainability in particular is close to iq digital's heart and is thus always an important component in its collaboration with customers. Since April 2021, the marketer has also had an innovative ecoAD in its product portfolio, thus laying the foundation for "green advertising".

Trusted media for important, socio-political issues

The showroom complements Nespresso's omnichannel approach and now digitally extends the premium coffee experience with interactive features. From July to December, this can be discovered as a content marketing campaign on the premium media brands FAZ.NET, Handelsblatt Online,, Tagesspiegel, WirtschaftsWoche Online and ZEIT ONLINE. Steffen Bax, managing director of iq digital sums up the relevance of this: "Content marketing raises awareness for topics that are really important to our readers. That is why we have given ourselves the mission not only to be marketers, but above all to be communication service providers in partnership. We provide avenues for messages and generate relevance. Nespresso is a great example of this added value, which makes us the most qualitative marketer in Germany with our brands."


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